Trying out Plotly and its slider for the first time with Guided Project: Predicting Car Prices

I wanted to have a slider for the plots in this project to see results with different k-values and features. So I’m trying out plotly for the first time and am impressed with it! It conveniently generates nice-looking plots and the interactive part is always fun!

I also converted columns like door numbers and cylinder numbers to numerical and used them as features. Can’t tell if it made a difference tho…

I’d love any feedback like always.

Happy coding!

Predicting Car Prices with K-earest Neighbor.ipynb (3.6 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @veratsien, thanks for sharing your work. This project looks amazing, the presentation style is amazing and it is easy to follow along with what you are doing. I would also like to suggest that you replace the hyphen (-) in the column names with an underscore (_) . This would make it easy to access a column as an attribute of a dataframe using the dot notation.

Happy Learning.


Hi @info.victoromondi, thank you for reviewing my project and your kind words. I definitely agree with you on the underscore better than the hyphen part. I was just being a bit lazy. :sweat_smile: But you are right, fixing that has made my todo list today.:wink:

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