TypeError: float() argument must be a string or a number, not 'list'

I tried to create another solution, but I’ve failed.
What is the mistake?

I understand the error message, but data_set[index] is a string, not a list. Am I right?

Here we are supposed to find mean of the price column.
In your code, the value of data_set[index] is

['284035177', 'Pandora - Music & Radio', '130242560', 'USD', '0.0', '1126879', '3594', '4.0', '4.5', '8.4.1', '12+', 'Music', '37', '4', '1', '1']

which is the 5th row in data_set.
Again, you’re not using the iteration variable value inside the for loop.

The correct code should have been

def mean(data_set, index):
    lst = []
    # print(data_set[index])
    for row in data_set:
    add = sum(lst)
    length = len(lst)
    return add/length
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Thanks a lot for the clarification, so I should have type ( row ) instead of ( value ), am I right?

You should use the iteration variable in there. My iteration variable is row, and yours is value.

for value in data_set:
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Oh yes, tanks a lot.