Typo in instructions


in instructions:
Remove the files augustus , violet , veruca and tv from your home directory.(These files are in dq directory not home)…

/home/dq is the home directory for the user dq. This is also clarified in the First Step of this mission.

Content -

Let’s list the contents of the home directory of the user learn .
/home/learn$ ls

Instructions -

Create a directory called brets in your home directory ( /home/dq ).

In the previous Mission The Filesystem this was clarified as well -

Your home directory is /home/dq . Note that the home directory is not the directory home .

The terminology use is perhaps a bit confusing with /home not being a home directory and it not being explained clearly why, if I am not mistaken. So that should perhaps be rectified with additional explanation. cc - @Sahil

But for the Mission Step you link to, it’s not really a typo.


Yes, perhaps an additional explanation might help. I will get it logged for review.



Everything the good doctor said is correct.

I’m deciding to keep it this way. The content in a previous mission is very clear, and even in bold.

As for the why, the reason why is probably more historical, social and conventional than technical, it’s just the way things happened. I realize it may be confusing, but that’s exactly how people will be using the terminology, and that’s also why I single this out specifically in the screenshot above.

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