Typos in Business Metrics - step 3 (mission 468)

Hello DataQuest team,
I am enjoying your courses. I just noticed some typos and wanted to improve the quality of the platform by letting you know about this. In this page, https://app.dataquest.io/m/468/business-metrics/3/introduction-to-the-net-promoter-score, the second sentence has a typo: " NPS is a customer sucess metric…". Here success should have double c.
Also in this illustration, there are two misspellings: recommend should be with double mm; friend should have r after f.
Thank you for the great work!

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Thanks for reporting this. The typo in the text was just fixed. I forwarded the typo in the image to our designer for him to fix.

Thank you again.

Edit: The typo in the image has now been fixed.