Unable to Edit in the Command Line Terminal

I am unable to edit the commands in the terminal. It’s very difficult to type every command line without any syntax mistakes. After typing some lines, when I found that I forget a comma in one line or did a spelling mistake in naming the tables and columns, I am unable to use the arrow keys or backspace to go back and edit /delete the command lines. I get to type the commands from scratch and its really annoying and cumbersome.

Is this the way the shell is designed by DQ or is this how SQLite and other terminals operates in the real world? How to edit the commands in the shell?

Is there a specific Mission where you were trying this and it was giving you issues?

Because navigating with arrows or backspace should work fine. If you can share the link I can test it out myself as well.

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I experienced this problem in all the missions in which I have to use the command line terminal. I can’t use the backspace key to go to previous line nor the arrow keys. Infact typing the arrow keys printed syntax like ^[[C^[[A^[[B^[[D^[[A^[[B^[[D^[[CS

The link to such a mission

Aah, yes, unfortunately, you can’t do that in the command line terminal.

From what I understand, it’s because of the editor that’s used on their system which causes this. There are ways to not have this happen, I think, but that’s something DQ will have to investigate since it has to do with their backend.

I would recommend that you provide this as feedback (using your screenshots) to them using the ? button in the top-right corner of that page. Hopefully, they can look into this because you are not the only student who has brought this up before.

Till then, you will have to rewrite the entire thing again while trying to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, unfortunately.

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Can we edit the commands lines in other non-DataQuest terminals and shells ?
Or in every CLI have we to be extremely cautious and type every line carefully?

In this particular use-case, where you have this nested/indented mode, it does seem to be dependent on how the shell was set up.

When I was trying to look for a solution, the solutions were all related to trying to change something, somewhere in the linux system the person was using. So, I would say it depends and is likely fixable as well. But that would potentially require an understanding of working with a linux system, I believe.

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