Unable to open datasets in Jupyter Notebook after completing the guided project

Hey guys!
So I recently completed the project on Profitable App Profiles and so I downloaded the notebook as a file. When I went to launch it through the Anaconda interface and tried to run the whole notebook again, it was showing that googleplaystore.csv and ApplyStore.csv were not found. I am very confused as to where things went wrong since in the jupyter notebook in the DQ screen, everything worked perfectly. But when I launched it and ran through Anaconda it showed this error which didn’t happen before.

While you were doing the project the dataset was available on the web server. So, you didn’t mentioned any path or address.

But as you downloaded the notebook and running it locally. You need to download the dataset and set the path accordingly.

Click here to download the Dataset

Hope this helps. :smile:

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Yes I have mentioned the path so it will work on my machine. But what if I wanted for it work on anyone’s machine or make it cross-platform so as to say?

Thanks for your reply!

You can provide the dataset link and information in the notebook comments or markdown hyperlinks. So that one can download and set the path accordingly.

Also there are various methods of integrating, for instance you can integrate Google sheets and Jupyter notebook. Below is the link:

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Alright. Got it, thanks!

I’ve Downloaded the dataset and I made sure the file name is ‘googleplaystore.csv’ but I’m still getting the [Errno 2] error code. Any Ideas? I’m trying to still do the first project.