Unable to submit answer due to server getting timed out

Screen Link:

My Code:

ages = []

for row in moma:
    date = row[6]
    birth = row[3]
    if birth != '':
        if isinstance(int(birth), int):
            age = int(date - birth)
            age = 0
        age = 0

final_ages = []

for age in ages:
    if age > 20:
        final_age = ages
        final_age = 'Unknown'

What I expected to happen: The code should run

What actually happened: The server timesout

Timeout error

Having this one the next screen also. Looks like the servers are overloaded?

Hi @amit9815 and welcome to the community!

I think you’re right that something is going on with these screens – I am getting the same result despite having completed them before without a problem.

UPDATE: As I was responding, I tried screen #4 and it worked. Then I returned to screen #2 and it looks like it’s working again? Can you confirm this on your end?

@mathmike314 yes, but it doesn’t seem to want to run my code. It only works for code from answer. Although my code doesn’t seem to have any errors?