Understanding Matplotlib

Before signing up to Dataquest, I had used Matplotlib few times, always using plt.xxxx functions and thought I was comfortable enough to stumble through.

Then I got onto the modules on DQ that started discussing Matplotlib and found myself completely, confused. I’m not sure if that confusion is just me struggling, or because the way the information is presented, however for anyone who also finds themselves wondering the what’s and why’s of figure, axes (not axis!) etc, below are some good video tutorials that will support you.

The first video, to me, is a 13 minute gold mine.
The second link to a play list is excellent hands on you can follow.
Hope this helps others.

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I really wont recomment Sentdex to a beginner. He takes you through the tutorial in a way, you already know much about python / Matplotlib.

I consider myself a beginner and DQ covered some basic python in the first couple of modules. I found his videos very informative and useful. I posted them here because I’m not unique in anyway and believe other people will be in the same situation as me and therefore will find them useful. What is not useful is telling people to not go there and make their own informed decision based on your experience. Thats just negative advice.

By all means DQ is the best for beginners. Its always better to stick to single source rather than hopping everywhere and reaching nowhere. Posting multiple resources will just confuse. That was just my recommendation based on my personal experience its on reader to take it or ignore it, I have no control on reader so do you.

My learning resources for matplotlib is the documentation and stackoverflow via google search. Whenever I came across some difficulties, I search the documentation on tutorial section, and on google.