Unguided Project: Analysis of Covid 19

Hi everyone,

Here is my first project on Analysis of Covid 19.The free courses inspired me to do one of the unguided project on Covid 19. I would love to improve in this project, any feedback is welcome.
Thanks in advance
Covid Data Analysis Project (2) (2) (1).ipynb (2.1 MB)

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Great work @ogutumark00 ,
Unguided Projects are one of the core projects that one can prove their already gained skills and knowledge :raised_hands: You’ve done a great job analyzing the Covid data :clap: :partying_face: .

A visualization (plots) speaks a thousand words. For the tables being displayed, some of them are too long and might tire someone who is scrolling through the notebook. You could maybe check the head() and/or the tail() to display the first and last few rows.

After the plots, it would be great if you could provide us with a write-up to summarize some of the findings. And how/why a country is differing from the others (maybe due to population?)

Kudos :facepunch:

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Great work @ogutumark00
While looking at your notebook you have done some amazing work.
But there are some areas you can improve your analysis I will be listing here:

  1. You can summarize the whole dataset into one chart also. For example, The title of the chart “Total no of cases by continents” I have attached a below picture for the same.
  2. You can compare the continents by putting charts side by side.
    For example, there is a chart “North America Total Cases” you can put a chart on the side for any other continent too which will help a user to get a better overview of the data.
  3. There is a chart “North America Total Cases” and “North America Total Deaths” here you can combine both the chart as keeping Total cases on the (+ve) x-axis and Total Deaths on (-ve)x-axis which will help audience to have a better understanding of which country has the highest & Lowest cases & deaths.