Unguided Project: Comparing NBA and Euroleague Basketball

Hello everyone. I’m excited to share with you an independent project that I’ve work on for the last month. In this project I use data analysis to draw a comparison between the two main professional basketball leagues in in the USA and in Europe, the NBA and the Euroleague respectively.

The project is consists of 3 different notebooks:

  • Part 1 - Data_Scrpaing: I scrape the data from the internet using two main websites.
  • Part 2 - Data_Cleaning: I clean the data and make get it ready to be analyzed
  • Part 3 - Data_Analysis: This is the main part. I analyze the data and draw conclusion on how the two leagues differ.

I would love to hear some external feedback and see what people think. If you don’t have time to read everything I uploaded, I encourage you to focus only on the Data Analysis part.

This is also the first project I upload on Github so I tried to make it as complete and pretty as possible.

I appreciate your help.

Link to Part 1 - Data_Scraping

Link to Part 2 - Data_Cleaning

Link to Part 3 - Data_Analysis