Unguided Project: Data Analysis & Visualisation of the Riby Financial Dataset with PowerBI

Good evening and Happy New Year from Nigeria,

I took up the challenge of using PowerBI to analyze a dataset (Riby Financials). This dataset has 14 columns and 500,000 rows. Please find below my analysis, visualization and recommendations.

Would love to know what you think. :grin:
Thank you!


Hi @tosingeorge01, this is brilliant! Do you know where I can find the Riby financial dataset?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your kind compliments. See link to download the dataset here - Riby Data Set.csv - Google Drive

Awesome Insights :raised_hands: Please what are the steps you followed to achieve this. I would like to try it out.

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Hello Tosin, Iā€™m really impressed by your work and decided to try it out with the data you provided, this is a little something of what I have done


Thanks. I will work on creating maybe video or guide as soon as possible

Thanks Amarachi. This is a good attempt. I like the slicer on the right.
However, these are some suggestions for improvement.

  1. Title of Card Visualisation: I would suggest renaming the titles so they look a bit more appealing and professional.
  2. Map: The map looks good. However Middle East is showing somewhere in Africa. :blush: Also, what are you trying to tell with the different sizes of circles on the map. Is the number of countries per region ?
  3. Bar Chart: I imagine you are trying to show the number of countries per region, however this barchart does not show that. We do not have 130 thousand countries in Sub Saharan Africa which is what your chart is saying. You need to make some changes in the settings of the Visualization Pane.

I will try to do a guide or a video of how I created my visualizations. I hope it will help.

I absolutely love that you attempted this. Welldone! :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much for the encouragement I really appreciate it, Iā€™m not really good with Powerbi just learning from youtube and when I saw your work I was super impressed and tried to do it myself.
You mentioned making a video to show your work, which will be very much appreciated by us learners.

Thank you for your feedback


Hi there,
If you want to see how I achieved these visualizations, I have created a couple of videos to show you. See here - Unguided Project Youtube Video: Data Analysis & Visualisation of the Riby Dataset

Thank you for watching! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Looking forward to your likes, comments, suggestions etc

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