Unguided project:Exploration of World Population Data

Hi Dataquest Community,
After going through the free courses offered by Dataquest last week,I was inspired by one of the projects analysed in SQL(World Factbook).Kindly I need a review on this project and check if there is something I need an improvement on.Thanks in advance.
World Population Data Analysis.ipynb (302.1 KB)

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Hi @lewismurimi

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ community. It’s very encouraging on how you have worked on this project by your own after getting inspired. The explanations that you have given are very informative, the kind of exploration you have done is admirable, the visualization process , the conclusion , the recommendations are well worked. I like the way you dropped rows with null values, the steps are very readable and understandable. Keep it up for the good work.

What do you think on cell[5] ? , the explanations given in the markdown doesn’t reflect the workings in the code cell. Actually from your code lines, a reader may think that your interest is on the most populated country sorted in descending order. I think the best approach is to be specific with your code lines after giving such explanations. You can instead use Boolean vector to filter the data of your interest.

Also you need to wok more on comments, you have hardly used them. Remember comments somehow introduces your codes, and more so to those that appear complex. Also , you can consider having your findings in the introduction though in summary.

Otherwise you have done a good job mate, considering that the project was never guided . I think @Elena_Kosourova can have a look at this for the purpose of week champions.


Great catch, @brayanopiyo18! The project of Lewis is really a good candidate for this week! :star2: