Unguided Project: Exploring Hacker News Site

Hello Everyone,

Upon interacting with a project containing the dataset from the Hacker News site provided by Dataquest, I decided to do the project personally, that was after I could not access the courses( after the free week of learning ended :frowning_face: )
Nevertheless, I appeal for your feedback on how I can improve the project.
Thanks in advance fellows.
NellyHNanalysis (1).ipynb (122.9 KB)

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Hi @nellykamau76 ,

I spent some time going through your project, and I wanted to say congratulations on a job well done :rocket:. Interestingly, you decided to go through the personal route; you have arrived at some informative insights, and I love the concept of relativity that you brought in:

On the ASK HN posts, there is one comment for every point, whereas on the SHOW HN posts, there are three comments for every point

That is an interesting perspective to see things from. Thanks for highlighting that!

Things I loved:

  • Your willingness to explore the data on your own and uncover exciting insights.
  • Use of proper headings and subheadings.
  • Markdown cells explaining your findings to readers
  • You demonstrated a good understanding of for loops and used them where neccessary.

Suggestions to consider:

  • You could add strings to your code output. I observed that you did this cell 6. However, cells 4, 7, 9 and 10 have a couple of outputs standing alone. For example, you could improve the output in cell 10 by printing the string:

    Points to comments ratio in show posts: 3.04

  • When your code gets very granular or if you are attempting something that might be hard to follow, feel free to use comments. Occasionally, I found myself reexamining the code to ensure I understood what you were trying to execute - I enjoyed the experience, though :nerd_face:.

Again I want to say well done and I hope you enjoyed the learning experience :+1:


Hi Israel, I’m so grateful for you reviewing my project.
It feels appreciated and gives the motivation to do more. Thanks for also acknowledging the little details.

I have also noted the ‘Things to Consider’ I’ll sure put them into consideration in future and also take them to improve.

Here is to more of working with you.:blush:
Thank you🙏