Unguided project

Please have a look at my work.
franco.ipynb (220.3 KB)

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@francomnjogu welcome :wave: to the community and congrats :handshake: on completing your first project.

Interestingly, this project is similar to the first project when you start learning SQL on the Data Analyst path.

I’ve gone through your project and have a couple of points to hopefully improve the same.(please click on the triangle bullet points for more info)

Presentation Style
  • In the introduction, the link to the dataset does not point to the dataset. It shows an error. I recommend you correct the same.
  • I noticed that your title capitalizations are not consistent. It is best to get those in order to keep it clean
  • While you have been able to provide results, there is a loss of context to the outputs. e.g., In the Data Cleaning section, you mention that certain rows and columns are removed but have not mentioned the reason for the same. It is best to include this kind of context for readers to understand.
  • Being your first project, it is commendable that you started including visualizations. This is very helpful and adds some context to your analysis.
Coding Style
  • I noticed that you are adding some context in your comments. This can often be missed by general readers who are mostly looking out for the visualizations and the explanations.
  • I have not checked your code in details, but since you have the outputs, I believe you are on the right track.
  • Once you are done with the lessons on visualizations, I recommend that you re-visit this project and enhance your current plots. e.g., You could improve your column or bar plots by setting countries in the Y axis and related values in the x-axis. This helps to make the plot readable.

Good going on the project :trophy: and I hope you revisit :repeat: the same after you’ve learned more.