Unknown database error on localhost

I’m bit stuck here. chinook.db is connected and working but, while creating view ,this error popped up

hi @abymir5710000

Please follow Introducing guidelines for all technical questions in our Community for your questions. It’s quite difficult to decipher the problem just from a screenshot without any knowledge of host OS, version, complete path, or other necessary details as applicable to python or SQL.

Please modify your code as given in the first block below and let us know the output you get for the second code block. If you get an error with the first one again, please share a zip folder with your database, and project file stored together.

First Code:
replace database.view_name with just view_name. Similarly for the subquery table

CREATE VIEW <view_name> AS
    SELECT <*> 
    FROM <table_name>;

Second code:

  FROM sqlite_master
 WHERE type in ("table", "view");