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Updated and improved criteria and rewards for the Learning Assistant program

Dear Dataquesters, @champions, @learning_assistants, and @moderators,

I’m very excited to present you the updated and improved criteria and rewards for Learning Assistants and Community Moderators of Dataquest! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

For those of you who don’t know about this amazing initiative yet, it is a program aimed to incentivize all members of our Community to cultivate an important lifelong skill of helping your peers.

The ability to help others is a skill and a credential, and the act of helping does good to both the parties involved. This becomes especially true in the tech industry. The Internet is full of stories where learners narrate their experience and describe how helping others

  • helps you revise concepts and improve yourself,
  • builds self-confidence by reaffirming your own mastery over the subject,
  • gives you gratification in knowing that you sped up the learning process for a fellow learner.

In fact, these are exactly the feelings that our current Community Moderators expressed when they were asked for the reasons why they like helping in our Community!

Having said that, let me present you our re-launched and updated multi-level Learning Assistant program for the Dataquest Community. We revised and improved the rewards and selection criteria to open more opportunities for you to help and be helped :star2::fire:

In this program, we recognize learners who consistently:

  • help solve the questions of other learners


  • review other learners’ guided or individual projects.

We do so by calling them out as Learning Assistants for the Dataquest Community. As a reward, we grant them a “Learning Assistant” badge in the Community, extra weeks of Premium membership, an official certificate of volunteering, exclusive access to various enticing Dataquest initiatives, and an opportunity to become a Community Moderator. All these rewards are divided into 4 tiers which get unlocked based on a learner’s cumulative activity in the Community.

New rewards for each tier of the Learning Assistant program


  • A Learning Assistant badge:


  • 4 weeks of free extension on the learner’s current plan.
  • Exclusive access to testing & QA new Dataquest content.


  • 6 weeks of free extension on the learner’s current plan.
  • A certificate of Dataquest Learning Assistant:
  • Exclusive access to testing & QA new Dataquest content.


  • Invitation to join the Dataquest moderating team as a Community Moderator :nerd_face::rocket:
  • 3 months of Dataquest Premium access which will be extended as long as you keep your Community Moderator status (6 solutions AND/OR actionable feedbacks on the learners’ projects monthly).
  • Exclusive access to testing & QA new Dataquest content.
  • The ability to join Dataquest in hosting a live webinar.
  • The ability to create video content/tutorials for Dataquest and be recognized by Dataquest publicly.
  • A personal recommendation letter from Dataquest that you can use during your job search.

Note: Tier-4 is excluded from the Community Champion program.

New evaluation criteria for the Learning Assistant Program

These criteria are cumulative throughout your entire learning journey.

To become a Learning Assistant, you must meet the solution criteria OR project review criteria:

Minimum replies marked as a solution:

Tier-1: 3

Tier-2: 6

Tier-3: 12

Tier-4: 24

Minimum projects reviewed:

Tier-1: 7

Tier-2: 14

Tier-3: 28

Tier-4: 56

Tier-4 Learning Assistants are invited to the team of Community Moderators and, if accepted, receive moderator privileges listed earlier.

Requirements for keeping the Community Moderator status

To keep their Community Moderator status, Tier-4 Learning Assistants must provide:

  • 6 solutions AND/OR actionable feedbacks on guided (or individual) projects of the other learners monthly (e.g., 6 solutions, or 6 project reviews, or 4 solutions+2 project reviews, etc.)

In the opposite case, your moderator status will be revoked together with the moderator privileges. It’s always possible to have it back, though: just reach out to me whenever you have again the bandwidth to volunteer as a moderator, and I’ll be happy to return you to the moderating team.

Keep an eye on this topic for any eventual updates in the program and especially on this thread to track our new Learning Assistants and Community Moderators! :tada: :flags:

Looking forward to seeing you soon among our super-helpers! :heart: