Updated Guided Project 2 Exploring Hacker News Posts

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@lukeayobami56: recategorized your topic.

Hi @lukeayobami56,

Your project looks good. Thought a few points might be of use for future reference.

You have used the below code. There is nothing wrong in this code. Also it kind of makes it easier to understand the code.

num_comments = row[4]
num_comments = int(num_comments)

But you can actually do it in one line by

num_comments = int(row[4])

If you are someone who want to save a few keystrokes you can use the second method.

Rest everything looks good. But it would be better if you had added a bit more of explanations using markdown cell and divided your project with more visible Headings and subheadings.

You could have also added EST as a suffix while prefomatting the output string to give a better result , for easier understanding.

In case you want to convert time using a python library to any other timezones, you can try the pytz library.

I hope this was helpful. Happy learning.

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Alright great, thanks for the observations and suggestions. I will work on that and add more explanations to my project.

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