Updated my Ebay used cars project

Hi all! I updated my project again. I did the challenge questions this time. I appreciate your feedback, especially feedback on the last challenge question. I have trouble in formatting the output for the last questions. I was trying to put those 2 series into 1 data frame so it is easy to read. Sadly, i dont know how to do it. If you have an idea, please share!! Thank you a lot.

screen link: https://app.dataquest.io/m/294/guided-project%3A-exploring-ebay-car-sales-data/9/next-steps

Ebay Used Cars Analysis -Basics.ipynb (167.1 KB)

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Am I missing something? I think you should be able to do it using the technique used earlier in: “8. Storing Aggregate Data in a DataFrame.”

When deciding which result set to use as the basis for the data frame, think about which of the two will have the most complete index.

I tried the pandas constructor. It does not work. looking for other ways.

In what way does it fail?