Updating Your Guided Project in the Community

Hi there,

Sharing your guided projects in the community is a fantastic way to get feedback. And this topic can help you with it.

To make the sharing experience better, we have a handy feature in our community:

Whenever you attach a .ipynb (Jupyter notebook file) in a new post, our system automatically edits your post to add a link to view your project in a new tab. It is handy as it will allow your peers to see your project without downloading the file.

The only issue is that the preview link doesn’t change if you update your attached jupyter notebook file. And the very purpose of this post is to help you address this issue. Depending on your preference, here are two ways using which you can update your guided project.

Option 1 (Super Simple):

  1. Create a new post on the same topic attaching your updated project file
  2. Click on the :link: icon next to the post, and copy the link
  3. Edit your previous post and paste the post link of your updated project.

The preview link generates automatically as long as a post contains a .ipynb attachment irrespective of whether the post is first or last. Therefore, this will allow your peers to quickly find the latest version of your project without scrolling down using a magnifying glass :mag:.

Option 2 (Super Cool):

This one is not convenient! However, if you use this option, you will learn how to create a preview link on your own!

We use this service to display the jupyter notebook file.


The below URL allows us to access all of the uploaded attachments (not accessible directly):

As an example, the below link is a direct link to download one of the attached notebook files:

The best part about nbviewer is that, If you combine:

https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/urls/ + attachment download link without https://

You can obtain the URL that can display the jupyter notebook file:

And when you upload attachments, wVLgAsnGlxmmjZ9gvvAAUlr7iM.ipynb is automatically generated. So to update your attachments, you can copy it and replace it with the attachment file name of your existing URL.

I hope this helps. Happy Sharing! :tada:

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab