Users and Permissions: confused about question 5

Screen Link:

The scenario and the question say:

  • Third scenario. User dq can’t enter /home/learn, but has rwx permissions for all the content in /home/learn.
  • Question 5. Can user dq read/list the contents of the home directory of learn?

As far as I understand:

  1. User dq can’t enter /home/learn: /home/learn is a directory and user dq doesn´t have execution permission for this directory thus dq can´t enter it.
  2. but has rwx permissions for all the content in /home/learn: this information in general is not important to the question as the question is about the home directory of learn which, I suppose, is /home/learn. Anyway considering the heredity of the execution permissions user dq won´t be permitted to execute any file inside of /home/learn.
  3. To read/list the contents of the home directory of learn (if i´m not mistaken it´s /home/learn) user dq needs to have read permissions. There´s nothing said about the read permissions neither in the scenario nor the question nor the assumptions common to all the questions in this mission.

What have I missed? How do we suppose to know that user dq doesn´t have a permission to read /home/learn? (I say that dq doesn´t have it because of the correct answer provided says n)

@Bruno, I see that in the previous discussions it was mostly you who answered the doubts. Maybe you could help me with mine.

Hey, Ksenia. Thank you for pinging me.

Nice job on spotting this bug. I believe my intent, when I wrote this, was to have it read "User dq can’t read, nor enter /home/learn", in which case the answer will be no due to the hereditacy.

Thank you for your fast reply!
I re-read the screen and the instructions like 20 times to figure out what I was missing :exploding_head:
So, I´ve got it right and I´m not missing anything then. Good news!

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This is now fixed. Thanks :slight_smile: