Using Frequencies to find the duplicate apps

In reference to the Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets
In case interested in using frequencies to find duplicate apps:

    #checking for any duplicates using frequencies
    def find_frequencies(dataset):
        frequency_table = {}
        for row in dataset:
            name = row[0]
            if name in frequency_table:
                frequency_table[name] += 1
                frequency_table[name] = 1
        return frequency_table

    freq_table = find_frequencies(goog_data)
    # this can be another function`
    duplicate = {}
    total_duplicates = 0
    for item in freq_table:
        total += freq_table[item]
        if freq_table[item] > 1:
            duplicate[item] = freq_table[item]
            total_duplicates += freq_table[item] - 1 # first count is unique

    print('Number of Duplicate Apps: ', total_duplicates)
    print('Number of unique Apps: ', len(freq_table))
    print('Total number of Apps: ', total)

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Hi @shekh.alireza:

please provide a question link according to these guidelines to facilitate easier understanding referencing.

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Added the link. Sorry, very new here. Will read the guidelines :slightly_smiling_face:


Its alright! Just remember to do it next time! :+1:

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