Using pandas profiling for EDA

In a project I am working on, I used pandas profiling for exploratory data analysis which worked fine. The problem I have is that after uploading the file on github, there is no display on profile report section. Any idea how I can solve this?

Could you please check whether your files are really uploaded or not? Get inside your repository and verify.

Hello @jimmyml my files are uploaded correctly because what I can’t see is just the section where I have used pandas profiling. Someone advised me to try jupyter notebook instead of google colab and see if it helps

Hi @oluochodhiambo11,

Can you please share with us a link to your notebook file?


Yes @oluochodhiambo11, that could be one of the reason too. Although, I haven’t tried Colab notebooks for that purpose. Jupyter notebooks will always work for that purpose.

Hi @Sahil here is the link

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jupyter also didn’t work @jimmyml

Hi @oluochodhiambo11,

This is happening because GitHub renders jupyter notebook files as static HTML. This is explained here:

If you try to render it via nbviewer, you will be able to see it:


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Thanks a lot @Sahil. It worked.

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also, is there a way I can save it permanently in the current format?


Your code ipynb files are uploaded perfectly fine on GitHub. I can see that code and their result is clearly visible. You got confused bcz you were wondering if it is possible too run your code on Github. The fact is that the code files saved on Github remains static. The dynamic part will remain unfunctional. Therefore, there is no way to make it dynamic. May be in future, if GitHub wish to introduce what you are thinking but as of now it is not available. For readers perspective, you can save results in the static form or static images so that everyone could end-up drawing conclusion of your work.

The files saved will always remain in Static Jupyter format.