Using PG Admin SSH tunnel to connect to external Ubuntu server

Hello, I got involved in a project in university and my first step is to connect to their external server with my PG Admin.

I was able to connect to their server using ssh through the Terminal APP and then connect to the database using psql. However, when I tried to do the same on PG Admin I was not able to connect to the server, I feel like I am inputing the information in the wrong place or mixing something up.

What I have

  • the server IP address (Ubuntu)
  • my username and password to connect to the server
  • my username and password to connect to the PostgreSQL database and a port number
  • PGAdmin 4 installed in my personal computer logged in as the default postgre master user
  • PostgreSQL 12 installed and running (works with psql)


  • How to use the SSH tunnel connection to create a new server on PGAdmin

When I wanna create a new server connection these are the boxes available for filling in info. My doubts are basically if I need to fill something in the SSL page and the Advanced one; The username and password for the server goes on the SSH tunnel tab? Does the IP address go both on host name/address and the tunnel host boxes?