Using SQLite locally - How to Download chinook.db?

I can’t get past the SQLite Shell
Table Relations and Normalization 1.0 SQLite Shell exercise as i get the error when I try to connect:

I try to connect by: /home/dq$ sqlite3 chinook.db
I get: “no such file or directory”

I installed SQLiteStudio 3.2.1 and wanted to do the exercises through the local studio, however, I am unable to figure out how to download and find the chinook.db into my local SQLite Studio.

Is there a link somewhere to download the databases in the exercises so that we can work on them away from dataquest?



Hi @okachtan

You can download chinook.db from the below link. This is the link to the guided project. If you click Download as highlighted in the picture, it will download the database used for this project as well.

Hope this helps.