Using ` vs ' in code

I’ve noticed that when completing missions that your platform wont accept my solution when using ', but instead wants us to use `. It’s a frequent reason why my code wont be accepted on a first attempt. I would think that those who are legit new to R and programming would struggle to see this difference. Is there a way for the code editor to accept either/or, or look at the solution itself to ensure that it matches what’s expected?

Hi @dshipley21. I’ll look into this. Can you provide me with an example of a screen where you have experienced this? Thanks!

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Hi @dshipley21,

It is always best to share the mission screen link and the code you have used (+ any additional details) when you create your question. This way, we would be able to help you faster. Luckily, yesterday a student asked me a similar question.

In R, we can use single quotes (’) or double quotes (") to create a string (character). And we use back-tick (`) character to use variable names that contain space characters. We teach this in the following screen:

Have a look at the sat_results data frame using the head() function to return the first ten rows.

Note that each variable name is surrounded in tick marks ( `` ). This is because the titles contain spaces, which are not valid in R variable names. When you work with tidyverse functions, surrounding invalid R variable names with tick marks will allow R to interpret them properly.

For example, In screen 5 of this mission:

We have to surround PROGRAM TYPE using backticks( `` ) because it is a column (variable) name with a space character.

class_size <- filter(class_size, GRADE == "09-12" & `PROGRAM TYPE` == "GEN ED")

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


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“backtick” is under the tilde at upper left of keyboard. I’m sure you already found it, but this might help someone else! Not clear in the course (Data Cleaning in R).

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