Variables in statistics ( didn't understand interval )

Screen Link:

My doubt:
according to the screenshot below, height , weight …etc is also considered in the interval

but ( in the next screen , for answer of interval only birthdate and weight_deviation columns is considered from wnba. why not height , weight ?

The content clearly states -

In practice, variables measured on interval or ratio scales are very common, if not the most common. Examples include:

The examples stated can be measured either on an interval scale or on a ratio scale.

Because height and weight are measured on ratio intervals. This is specified in the content too -

On a ratio scale, the zero point means no quantity. For example, the Weight variable is measured on a ratio scale, which means that 0 grams indicate the absence of weight.

weight and height having zero points on a scale means no quantity. For example, you don’t exist if you have 0 height and 0 weight.

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