Visualize Earnings vs Majors - Median Salary is $40K when Employed Count is 0


I’m working on Mission 146 (Ch 3) and, after plotting a histogram of the number of employed graduates, I saw that one major had zero employed. It turned out to be Military Technologies and it also has zero college jobs, zero non-college jobs and 111 full-time. How does a major with zero employed have a median yearly income of $40k? Am I missing something?


Hi @olamideoshilalu

Wow! that’s a very detailed level of studying the dataset. You have raised the bar for preliminary data forage. :scream: :clap:

For this record, we only have one info - the Full-Time column with 111 as headcount. And if Median salary is calculated based on the Full_time_year_round column (according to the data dictionary), then this count also doesn’t help us much.

I found this other record for major Food Science ranked at 22. It has no values for Total, Men, and Women employment.

I went back to the source page for the dataset, and came across this comment about a similar dataset - grads_students.csv here. It hasn’t been resolved though.

So perhaps we can try our luck by asking the FiveThirtyEight team directly about how these values have been calculated or derived.


Thanks for replying and editing the topic, @Rucha. It makes a lot more sense that way.

I guess only FiveThirtyEight can give an explanation for that and the Food Science row. The page you shared is quite interesting. I think I’ll be going to GitHub a lot more.
Thanks for the compliment :blush: