Visualizing Earnings based on college major

Hello all,

I have done a guided assignment on Visualizing the earnings project. Please go through it and provide me the valuable feedback .
Thank you

(.Visualizing_Project.ipynb (585.3 KB) ipynb file)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

hey @aditya1257

Thank you for sharing your project with DQ community.

great work on coding and plotting. :slight_smile:

Now, how about adding some intro, contextual information about what the code does, observations based on the plots (let’s pick any significant one!), and marking plots with titles and axes labels!?. :thinking: :thought_balloon:

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Thank you Rucha for your valuable comments and suggestions.
Well, I want to enhance the code and anyway I will do that eventually.

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hey @aditya1257

great upload again after you have made those updates, to the same or future project.

happy learning!