Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors Project for Review

Here is my guided project on Exploratory Data Visualization. I just felt like sharing this one because this is the first project in which I have done additions as suggested by Dataquest.
Any reviews, suggestions are welcome.

4 Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (527.1 KB)

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Hi @Arti! Thanks for sharing:)

What I liked:

  • You have a title and clear objectives of your project
  • You have quite good comments on your plots, answering the questings you defined earlier!
  • You have subheadings
  • Some of your plots have titles

What can be improved:

  • What you show the descriptive information of the dataset you may comment on it! Have you noticed something strange?
  • Give all your plots a title! They are sad without one.
  • You may wrap up all the results in conclusion! A reader could easily jump to it to know what you’ve found without reading through the whole project.
  • That one is probably my misunderstanding: you compare the engineering major with the mean salary and conclude that the most popular majors have higher salary… Why’s so? It could be just engineering!

Hope I can help, happy coding:)



Hey @artur.sannikov96
Thanks much for the review and suggestions

Yeah, I did want to include my views on the data set as that has been instructed and advised in previous projects but before visualizing things I myself couldn’t understand the data much…
But thanks for pointing that out, I’ll try to add some description now as I’ve understood the data while doing the project… :sweat_smile:

Yeah! The titles… I’ll organise a naming ceremony for them :partying_face:

Well, about the conclusion part… Thank you for suggesting me that. I never thought about it that way around. Shall do that too. :slightly_smiling_face:

About the Engineering major part…
Well, I am not too sure if that was the correct way to go about it. Maybe if you’ve done this project already or have come about a better solution to it in the guided projects shared here, do share that with me. I’ll be obliged.

The way I sought to approach was that
I first found out that Engineering is the most popular major
Then I found out the salary of Engineering Majors
And all of them were more than the median salary of the entire dataset provided.
I guess I would have searched it for at least 2-3 more majors but I didn’t… :pensive: I’ll do that surely…

Again, thanks much for the guidance. I’m glad you liked some things too and suggested me the ways to make it better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I unfortunately didn’t do that project well so I have nothing to share :upside_down_face: