Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors -- trying harder on better formatting

After the first guided project and browsing several notebooks from fellow learners, I decided to put more work into creating a neater project with better formatting.

Thanks for the projects you all shared and especially the tips from @swar.joshi I think this second project looks way better than the first one.

Thank you awesome DataQuest community!

Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors.ipynb (549.1 KB)

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@veratsien!! YAAASS!

I love how this looks! Absolutely brilliant! spot on comments, great formatting of the markdowns and SUCH AWESOME visualisations! (I am yet to learn them! So excited about them now! )

This one looks way better for sure with all the extra skills you now have up your sleeve! :wink:

If i may make one more suggestion: If you would provide some more information on the background of the project, things like: What is the dataset, where did you get it from, what the aim of your analysis itself is and then what you found out. I think it will do wonders for someone who will be reading it. Because as a reader who has no idea of the dataset itself, it made it difficult for me to follow. (In product development terms, think about the end-user :wink: )

Fantastic job, however! Also, the last point hit hard! Sexism is indeed a bane! :frowning:

Congratulations on this one and I am looking forward to seeing more of these projects! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the compliment! It means even more coming from you since you inspired and helped me with better formatting! Thanks again for the awesome tips! :hugs:

I really appreciate the suggestion of adding information about the background of the project. That’s exactly the kind of feedback I can use since I was wondering about what’s the convention of what to put at the beginning of a project. ‘think about end-user’ is such a great way to put it into perspective! Once again, the hero comes to rescue. :wink:

It’s really good to hear that my project made you excited about learning the module. Looking forward to seeing your new projects too! :star_struck:


That’s a nice project. You performed good.

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Thank you! :grinning:

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