Visualizing Earnings based on college majors(Wole Moses Wani)

Hello Friends!
I just finished my fourth project on : Visualizing Earnings based on college majors.
I would like feedback on

  1. Markdown usage, clarity of code and analysis of data
  2. Any comments in regards to this project is welcome
    Wole Moses

Visualizing+Earnings+Based+on+College+Majors[Wole+Moses+Wani]2.ipynb (964.3 KB)

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Hi @wolewani

Congratulations for having completed the project on Visualizing Earnings Based on College Majors. Have gone through your projects and the presentation is nice, thumbs up for that.
Any comments in regards to this project is welcome

Have got few suggestions to make;

  • Your projects lacks a title which to me, is very key when working on any project . For example in your case, adding “Visualize Earning Based on College Majors” will do as a project title.
  • If you check the first code cell, I think the intension was to print out as well the fifth line and it didn’t happen after adding another line… To achieve the output, apply the print() function.
  • Some of the outputs like in cell[7] are too lengthy. Explaining each step is okay, But I think in cases where you are trying to reduce or remove the missing rows, you could have just used df.shape[0] to show the current number of rows and the final number as it will saves space.
  • Also recheck on your plots(scatter plots), some of them are empty. Though still figuring out what could have been the problem, you can check both on x limit and y limit.
  • Lastly, am longing for your conclusions, what are some of your findings (presented in a summary way).Hope you will fixed it up.

Consider above as a humble suggestions.

Happy learning!

Thanks for comments, I will fix it

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