Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees (m149)

Hi all!
While this is my the shortest project though in my opinion at this moment visualizing data is very complicated theme.
Upload notebookVisualizing_The_Gender_Gap_In_College_Degrees_m149.ipynb (217.1 KB) and wait notices.

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Hi Vadim,

Well, yes, this project seems to be the shortest one to everybody :blush: Perfect that you have successfully resolved the issue with the subplots!

Some comments from my side:

  • I would recommend you to expand a bit both introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, you can consider something like according to a diffused opinion, there is a gender gap in college degrees, etc., Probably add some other general words: that we are going to find out if it’s true or not, etc. In the conclusion, you can analyse the resulting graphs: where this gap really exists and where not. Maybe for some degrees it has been increasing, decreasing, or even swapping over the past years.
  • It’s better to use a uniform quote marks style for the string data type in the code cells throughout the project.
  • Almost senseless suggestion in case of this short project, but a good practice anyway: to re-run an already ready project.
  • For this piece of code:

you can consider using a for-loop.

  • A long line of code, especially a function with many arguments, can be divided into several lines for better readability (one argument per one line). For example, this line:
ax.plot(women_degrees['Year'], 100-women_degrees[stem_cats[sp]], c=cb_orange, label='Men', linewidth=3)    

can be divided in the following way:

  • In this piece of code:
# Label for men
ax[j,i].text(2006, 89, 'Men')
# Label for women
ax[j,i].text(2004, 25, 'Women')

you might regulate the heights of labels “Men” and “Women” (89 and 25) relative to the graphs themselves (to put them closer to the graphs).

  • It’s better to remove the empty box plot from the second set of graphs.

Hope my suggestions were useful.
Happy learning!

Slightly refactoring notebook and upload itVisualizing_The_Gender_Gap_In_College_Degrees_m149_v2.ipynb (173.4 KB) .

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Hi Vadim,

I see you modified your project, great! Only few comments from my side now:

  • It’s better to avoid bullet or numered lists in the introduction, just a plain text.
  • The conclusion is much better now, only it seems that a technical issue occured (number 1 repeated twice). Probably, it’s better to remove numbering and leave a bullet list there Otherwise, the conclusion itself is ok.
  • Greate idea to use a legend for the graphs, instead of regulating the height of the words.
  • Well, my comments remain about a uniform quote marks style and re-running the project to start the code cells from 1, but of course they are minor suggestions.
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Elena, thank you very much!
I will keep in the mind yours notices on next project.

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