Want to switch paths from Data Analyst in Python to >> Data Engineering

So I’ve been going down the Data Analyst in Python path, I’ve reached Step 2, completed courses 1-2 in that step. I’ve also done the SQL courses in Step 4.

I’m thinking of doing a bit of a pivot here to work on some Data Engineering courses. Just a decision based on some work and problems I’m coming across.

What would be the smartest way to do this? Just switch path to Data Engineering and start from the very first course or are there some things I can skip?

I’ll probably come back to the DA path at some point. Maybe switch back and forth?

I did the same and figured I prefer DE-path over the Analyst path.

In DE-path, Initially, I thought I can skip Step1(Courses1 & 2).
But, was comfortable just reading through to see what was in store. I suggest you skim over it (gives you the satisfaction that you covered it)
I feel these two courses are aimed at getting you comfortable with Python and pandas in general.

SQL Fundamentals and Intermediate SQL bears ample similarities with the DA-path SQL courses.
Do skim it over to your satisfaction.

For me, I wanted to be comfortable with command-line and command-line git from DA-path, before switching paths. It helped me a great deal.

If you’re familiar with it, you’re good to go, and good luck!

Glad I’m not the only one!

I’ll take the command line part in consideration. Can you specify which parts oft he DE path where the command line stuff helped?

I’m doing like you said, going through the python intro course quickly, viewing the answers, and if there’s anything that seems new or something I forget then I spend a little more time to review it but otherwise skimming through. Yup - satisfying knowing I at least looked at it.

So far the DA path has been useful and I do plan to come back to it. I’ll probably do a little of this and that between DE and DA but I definitely feel I need to know a bit more about bringing data in. Seems many real world situations call for a little of both especially at smaller shops that might not have separated roles of DE, DA, and DS.

I recently switched to DE-path.
As far as I know, DE-path doesn’t focus on command-line exclusively.
You can still do it later or alongside, it’s up to you.
DQ’s Why learn the command line should give you ample reason to consider. Do it if you really must.

Command-line gave me great flexibility.
I run WSL on Windows, and I’ve moved all of my python, PostgreSQL, and Jupyter installations to WSL.
So much power is packed in command-line and so much faster!

Working on Windows was easier for me. After learning command-line, I feel the command-line gave me more power and flexibility over just knowing Windows GUI.

It’s a matter of choice really although I recommend you consider it.
It will be a good investment.

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