Warning in "Guided Project: Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94"

During the project, we are instructed to split up a dataframe into slices like this:

Later on, in the project, we are instructed to insert some code which is written for us. It work well, but it causes a “SettingWithCopyWarning” as you can see.

I believe this is because we are adding a column to day, a slice of the original dataframe. I believe I can avoid the warning if I add the month column to the original dataframe before I split it into slices. Is that a better practice? Is there another, better solution? Should I just ignore it? Is there a way to turn off this warning?

Hey! Dataquest has a post about SettingWithCopyWarning issue here.

If you want to turn off all the warnings, you can:

import warnings

(Be sure to put it at the BEGINNING of your import libraries section)

However, quite often it is useful to see a warning once. This can be set by:

warnings.filterwarnings(action = 'once')

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Thanks for the info and the link. I also saw some info about this in someone else’s question about my current project, a question I also had about using .copy(). I still have to read what you linked more thoroughly, but it seems that could help me avoid warnings as well.