Warning: Missing assumption in problem statement 373-3

If Dataquest won’t accept your answer to the exercise tagged 373-3, this may be why.
The problem statement says:
" Use a WITH clause to create a named subquery with the following info:

  • The unique ID for the playlist.
  • The name of the playlist.
  • The name of each track from the playlist.
  • The length of the each track in seconds."

The given solution implements the final bullet as (t.milliseconds / 1000) which rounds the answer down to the nearest integer. If you cast milliseconds as a float or use (t.milliseconds * 0.001) for a more accurate time, it will not accept your answer. You must round down even though this isn’t specified.

Hi @jmatthews

Can you please provide a link to the mission, this content is from? Thanks.

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It’s this one:

I did raise a ticket, and they suggested I make a community post about it.