We have created 110 Pandas practice problems! Help us by testing them out [CLOSED]

The testing period for these problems is now over and the Practice Problems are now live! Please feel free to leave your feedback below. You can report bugs by creating a ticket here.

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that we’ve have prepared 110 Pandas practice problems for you to practice your Pandas skills.

The goal of these problems is two-fold:

  1. Help you practice and solidify your Pandas knowledge
  2. Teach you how to lookup Pandas documentation to use new functions that we didn’t have space to cover throughout the missions

The problems are separated into 6 problem sets. Here are the links:

We would like your help with testing them. Any feedback, suggestions, or bugs are welcome. Also, if there is a topic that you feel we did not cover, let us know in the replies below. :point_down:

The problems will be added to the practice mode after this beta testing phase.


This is timely as I am now in the ‘pandas’ mission. I have begun solving the tasks.:blush:
Thank you.


Selecting Data

Problem with instructions on Selecting Data 17, missing ’ and assign it to a variable odd_rows

Problem with instructions on Selecting Data 18, misspelling of Country as County.

Problem with instructions on Selecting Data 22, misspelling of Country as Count

Bug on Selecting Data 20, text color of rows_017_0311 is not green in Output Variables when answer is correct, div id = var-19-rows_017_031

Loading and Exploring Data

Bug on Loading And… 11, text color of countries is not green in Output Variables when answer is correct.

same variable color bug on problems 15, 16, 17, 19, 22

Probem w/ instructions Loading And… 18 misspelling of Phone instead of Phones


Thanks a bunch, I surely will check them out …

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Thank you! will definitely check them out.

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@eric.l.anderson22, thank you so much for pointing these out. We will be fixing that soon :slight_smile:

@Francois Are there plans to add links to these problems in the “Practice Mode” area with all the others?

I find the practice problems are where most of my actual learning is happening…mostly because of how DQ has set them up: you need to read documentation to solve the majority of these problems.


They will be put there once the beta testing period is over and we implemented the reported bugs.

This should happen this or next week.

Thank you for you feedback, it really motivates us to write more!


Merci infiniment, François! :smiley:

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The link to the method reindex() leads to drop() instead of reindex().


Hi everyone! The pandas practice problems have been added to the practice problem dashboard.

The typos mentioned above has been fixed. The bugs related to the variables not showing in green have been reported.

Since the beta testing period is over, from now on it will be more convenient to report bugs by creating a ticket here.

Best regards and happy practice!