[WEBSCRAPING] Feedback on my tutorial project

Hey everyone ! I hope you’re doing well :ok_hand:

I did a small project on webscraping by myself and would like to have your feedback on it. I’m sure I can improve it easily but as it’s the first time ever I’m doing webscraping, I can not see where I can write a better code.

The purpose of the project is basically to scrap basic datas (concerning price, matter, size etc) from the website presenting the bags of a well-known luxury brand. To make it easier to understand for me and my readers, I made the project as if it were a tutorial on webscraping. So you’ll find images and other features that will help you to go through my code.

You can find my project on GitHub here

If you prefer, you can also download it Scraping_Vuitton_github.ipynb (1.2 MB)

Have a nice week !

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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