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Week 2: Dataquest Challenge goals and updates

How’s the challenge going, learners?

It’s time to reflect back on the previous week and set goals for the week ahead!

So, reply below and share:

  • What you accomplished in Week 1
  • What you plan to do in Week 2

And if you haven’t started the challenge yet, there’s no time like present to do so! :tada:

The 30 Days Dataquest Challenge is going wonderful. I am learning alot daily.

In Week 1, I have completed the following coding lessons and accomplished the following goals

  • Data Visualization Fundamentals

  • Storytelling Data Visualization and Information Design

  • Data Cleaning and Analysis

  • Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced

For Week 2, I am planning to complete

  • Working with Dates and Times in Python

  • Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough

  • Elements of the Command Line

  • Text Processing in the Command Line

  • Two Guided projects i.e.
    Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts,
    Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sales Data

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I’ve completed “Programming in Python”.
Have a nice day!
Cristian from Romania.

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Hello Everyone,

Completed these in week 1:
Course on Data Visualization Fundamentals
learned: Line plots ,scatter plot and many more.

week 2:

Taken a lesson on Design for an Audience.

Thank you.
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Hello everyone
Week 2 :
My Day 10:
Day 11:
Day 12:
Today I completed a lesson on : Matplotlib Styles.
In todays lesson I learned how to style graph using “fivethietyeight style” .

Thank you.

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