Week one check-in

Thanks Vik for creating such a wonderful platform for learning data science.
I would like to know more on if any available certifications for DS.
also a little feedback - I keep on loosing connection to console( it goes into switching container state after just few minutes). Is there some maintenance going on in background?
Thanks again!

Welcome @saini.varun! Have a nice and educative time on the platform…

Just wanted to thank the DQ team on a job well done. I’m actually applying my new learned skills at work and saved my department 2 days of work per month! I’m now the go to person for automating processes around the office. :sunglasses:


While i execute print (apps_data[0]) in the interpreter (dataquest.io website), desired output is getting displayed i.e, only the 1st Row is getting displayed.

When i tried executing the print (apps_data[0]) in Jupyter platform, 0th column is getting displayed.


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Everything is awesome!!!

Hi I need some easy understandable resource on Flask - web framework for Python.
I am new to Data science.
Kindly assist me

This is so much fun!!!
It is really interesting, it challenges my brain and it will have practical uses in my current job and potential future jobs.

I have almost completed Python for Data Science: Fundamentals!

I like the fact that you make it very practical and not just theory, that part of what keeps me interested.

I got stuck at a few places and had to figure out what I did wrong. Most of it I discovered myself.

Programming is very logical! its great.

Thanks for this free start to python.
I may just have to sign up for premium.

My first week on Dataquest has been really cool.
I have learnt a lot and hope to learn more in the coming weeks.
This is really an engaging platform and I glad to come in contact with this course.

Well Vick
If you can allow me to profit from the sale that going on now.can I pay 24.5$/month I can’t pay 294$ in one short
Thanks to answering as soon as possible


The first week has been awesome! I’ve tried DataCamp and Udacity before but for the first time here I understand WHY I learn about lists and loops. I look forward to learning here. If I can afford it, I hope to do the Data Analyst course first, the Data Scientist course next and the Data Engineer course last.
Thanks for doing what you do.


datquest very usefull but my phase very slow and often to give up, but i will try more and more in future so i can become proper data scientist

Hi Vik,

Appreciate your interest in trying know about my progress. I am busy with work and reading/doing lots of things simultaneously. That is why I am not able spend much time on my courses at DataQuest.
Really, the DataQuest courses are very interesting and value add to my learning path. I will definitely be doing more and more courses here.

Thanks Again.


Dear Sir,

The one week I have been attending this course has been so nice and I have learnt a lot of stuff.

I just need to master what I have learnt the past week.

Hi Vik,

I’m not sure how often you read these but i am grateful for this app as it really has eliminated any and all excuse for me not to progress my coding repretoire.

I really want to develop my python coding knowledge to a. Integrate into my SQL queries amd learn how python can be partnered with SQL and b. Data analytics fun! - forecasting, complex modeling, even potentially machine learning.

Any advice helps! I’ll get back to the grind now

Hi there,

I am senior javascript engineering with more than 4 year exp on big projects that build from scratch such as social network, insurance project, and commercial project. I want to study python to learn more about data science and machine learning in order to get higher pay in the future.

I know this site via a post from medium.com and I enjoys my weekend with dataquest. Today I made decision to buy premium account to study more.

Nice to know you all.

Thank you!

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Its a great site. I have enjoyed how clearly make us understand the concepts in python. Thank you.

In just a few days, I was able to learn a lot :grinning:
Thanks for designing a great product. Look forward to completing the rest of the missions and finishing the full learning path. Thanks!

Hi there! Excited to begin learning but I’ve been having pretty frequent issues with my virtual machine, which makes progressing through the course fairly difficult and definitely slow. I keep getting the error “Connection Issue Found - Your virtual machine status: switching containers”

Any troubleshooting tips?