Weird warning in the Guided Project: Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In

Hello so i was working in the project named in the title and stumble upon this warning

"/dataquest/system/env/python3/lib/python3.4/site-packages/seaborn/ FutureWarning:

remove_na is deprecated and is a private function. Do not use."

the cell in question is as follow
"import seaborn as sns
markets = fcc_not_null[fcc_not_null[‘CountryLive’].str.contains(‘United States of America|India|United Kingdom|Canada’)]
sns.boxplot(y = ‘MoneyPerMonth’, x =‘CountryLive’, data = markets )
plt.title(‘Money spent per month in the 4 potential markets’)
plt.ylabel(‘Money per month ($)’)
plt.xticks(range(4), [‘US’, ‘India’, ‘UK’, ‘Canada’])
i checked the answer, beside different names for the variables, everything seem fine. and after further search on google, it seems like its an issue in seaborn found in old versions and patched in august 2017
so whats the problem?

Hi @yolotitan1478, thanks a lot for bringing this up, this is indeed a versioning problem!

If you need to export this project to add it to your portfolio, one solution is to download the code you wrote, and then execute it on your computer with a newer version of seaborn. Then the warning should go away.