Welcome to our Community!

Welcome to the Dataquest Community!

Whether you’re new to the field or looking to take a step up in your career, the Community can help you connect with other passionate learners around the world.

This community is here to encourage collaboration with your peers, facilitate opportunities to grow as a Data Scientist, and bring a global community of passionate learners together. We aim to bring together Dataquest’s diverse students and provide them with an experience that is better than the feeling of an in-person classroom.

You can leverage our Community in a variety of ways:

1. Stuck while going through the Dataquest content?

This community is the best place for you to get your questions answered fast! :rocket:

Our generous Community members help each other in solving problems as they learn data skills. That’s why you’re never alone when you self-learn through Dataquest.

2. Read success stories:

Learners like to share their success stories in our Community. Take a look here at what other learners, just like you, have accomplished with Dataquest to succeed in data science.

3. Get motivated:

We understand that self-learning is difficult. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the motivation to continue learning. If you ever find yourself struggling this way, our kind Community members can uplift you :hearts:

See it for yourself:

4. Share and review data science projects:

We recognize the value of having good projects on your resume. We also recognize the value of getting timely feedback. This is why we have created a community culture where learners can give and receive constructive feedback on their hard work.

You can check out some of the best projects submitted by learners around the world here. You can also check out some of the personal projects that learners have shared with our Community here.

And when you’re ready to start with a project of your own, we invite you to share it with the Community!

I’m so excited you’re here and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish :heavy_heart_exclamation: But before you dive in - I’d love to know more about you! Reply to this post and tell me:

:heavy_check_mark: Your name
:heavy_check_mark: Where you’re located
:heavy_check_mark: What you’re hoping to learn while using Dataquest

Click the reply button and tell me below :point_down:


Hello, I’m Viktor from Hungary. I work with data for 19 years now, previously in telecommunications secor, now in pharmaceuticals. With dataquest, I’d like to fine tune my competencies and adapt current data analysis technologies. Thanks for inviting me.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Carlos. I’m in Orange County, California. I’m looking to transition from a career in management to something in deep learning and ai. I’m very excited to be part of the community.


Hey guys, I’m Jay from S.Korea, and I’ll be moving to Charlottesville, Virginia next month.

I’ve finished the Python Data Scientist path, and I’m hoping to get more help from Dataquest and its community to start my career in tech.

Happy to join this community!


Hi all, I am Fahim from Bogor, Indonesia. I am a maintenance engineering that enjoy data processing and data technologies. I’d like to start my new career on data analyst or scientist. Hope it will be fun.
Thanks for inviting me.


Hello, I am Arefin from Bangladesh. I am working as Senior Software Engineer for last 9 years and now focused on learning Data Science/Machine Learning. So, I use Dataquest for learning Data Science!


Hello all! Gino here in the US. Been with DQ now for a few months, earning missions along the way. And already applying knowledge at work everyday. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy to help out the DQ community.



Hi! My name’s Dennis, and I’m currently living in Washington, DC, United States.

I’m using Dataquest to transition into a data science career. I will also soon be pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics.


hello my name is anuj i am currently located in mumbai, India.My dream is to become a data scientist someday hope dataquest helps me achieve my dream


Hello, I’m Chandan from India.
I have been working in Machine Learning field for past 2 years but it did all my projects in MATLAB. But the industry requirement is python, so I want to learn python as well as build portfolio containing projects in the application area of ML and DL.
Thank you for inviting me.


Hi everyone! My name is Jane. I work in Healthcare industry as a data visualization analyst role for the last two years. Willing to find friends here and learn Python together!!


Hello, my name is Sharon ,from Nairobi, Kenya, currently a statistics students .I’d like to build my career in data science .I’m hoping to get more help from dataquest and am happy to join the community.


Hi I’m Roberto from the bay area in California. Looking to become a Marketing Data Analyst


Hi all, I’m Shawn from lovely Calgary, Canada.

I run a software development company focused on sales & marketing, and have been working in ML / AI projects for my clients. Loving DataQuests overviews of the field, and helping me keep sharp!


Hi All,

My name is Dontre and I’m a novice Python developer from North Carolina working to improve my skills and achieve the goal of completing a complex data project. I want to leave my current job after landing a data science position after completing my project so that I reassure myself that this is my passion.


Hello, I’m David from Argentina. I’m a Systems Engineering student and I recently finished the Data Analyst path in DQ. Right now I’m working on my personal projects and looking for landing my first job in the field. I’m excited about what I could accomplish with my new skills. See you around!


Hi Everybody,

My name is Matt and I’m living in Brisbane, Australia. I’m working as a Coastal Scientist and am looking to develop my skills in Python and R to expose myself to more job opportunities that partly involve complex data science.

Looking forward to completing as much as I can in the next year.


Hi everybody,
I am Harshit from India, will be finishing my undergraduate this month.
I have completed the data analyst and the date scientist path from dataquest last year. Since then I have come a long way thanks to dataquest.

Currently I am looking for a job as a data analyst (if anybody can help, please the help would be really appreciated)
Thanks and cheers


I am Yimin based in Australia. I am hoping to learn from the guided projects and come up something for myself