Welcome your feedbacks on my guided project: Clean And Analyse Employee Exit Surveys

Hey Everyone,
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas ! :christmas_tree: :gift:

After putting tremendous amount of time and efforts, I completed my 7th guided project successfully. As many of you mention in your posts, it wasn’t a easy one. However, at the end I am really happy about completing such a hard project.

This project so special for me as it was my 1st project I did with Jupyter notebook installed on my PC as I did all other projects on DQ platform. Initially, it was bit difficult to setup the environment on my PC however I was able to manage it with support that I received from DQ community and Stack overflow.

So, I post here with my completed guided project and expect your usual reviews, feedback and suggestions. As well as I always appreciate your feedback and suggestions as those were very helpful me to improve my projects a lot.

Thank you all

Employee_Exit_Survey.ipynb (162.6 KB)

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Hi @Scylla

Your project really looks good and I admired like every step you presented. Congratulations ! for the good work. In your introduction I see you have introduced a new concept (to me) that is the approach to reach the goal, it is so informative, never thought of it before. Thumbs up for the good work ,happy coding and Merry Christmas too ! :christmas_tree: :gift:


Hi @brayanopiyo18

Thank you very much for encouraging feedback.


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Hi @Scylla

Good to see another project from you. The one word for your work is ‘Neat’! You have done a great job in presenting your notebook in a very clean way, with all those underlines, headings, subheading and all that. Very nice.

While checking your code, I had this doubt. In cell number 38

# Extract the years of service from each value in the "institute_service" column
combined_updated_up["institute_service"] = combined_updated_up["institute_service"].astype('str')
combined_updated_up["institute_service"] = combined_updated_up["institute_service"].str.extract(r'(\d+)')
combined_updated_up["institute_service"] = combined_updated_up["institute_service"].astype('float')

Do you think it’s possible to combine these three lines into one?

Also around cell number 48, the definition of young, middle and old age could have been added in a markdown cell.

Other than that everything else looks great to me. I know this project was a tougher one! Glad to see that you did a wonderful job. Keep up the great work.

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Hi @jithins123,

Thank you very much for your appreciations and constructive feedback. Not only for this project but also for most of the projects I posted here you gave me constructive feedback and those feedback were very useful to improve my projects.

I did this project under 02 phases. In 1st phase I followed the instruction given and just completed the coding. 02nd phase was the optimization phase and coding optimization, narratives and other formatting were done during that phase. However it seems that still there are some optimizations to do. I will check the points that you have highlighted and will modify those areas in my next version of this project.

Highly appropriate your feedback and your support extended to this community.

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