What am I doing wrong?

Screen Link:

My Code:

for row in moma:
    gender= row[5]
    if not gender:
        gender="Gender Unkown/Other"
    row [5]=gender
    nationality= row[2]
    if not nationality:
        nationality= "Nationality Unknown"
        row [2]= nationality

What I expected to happen:

Nice work, next screen
What actually happened:

Value of moma is not what we expected.
One of your variables doesn't seem to have the correct value. Please re-check the instructions and your code.

Please I need help to understand what i am doing wrong

Couple of issues here.

First is a small typo -

Your Unkown is missing an n.


You are assigning nationality back into row[2] only when the nationality is unknown. That’s not the requirement.

You need to follow the same steps as you did for the Gender column. So, I would recommend going through the instructitons once again to understand where you might be deviating.

Thanks so much, waoh! imagine the oversight on my part.