What are Guided Projects?

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What are Guided Projects?

Our guided projects are designed to be a bridge between our instructional missions, and being able to tackle your own end-to-end data projects. We currently have over 30 guided projects — each uses a real-world data set (bugs and all!) in conjunction with industry-standard data science tools to simulate the types of projects you’ll be facing on a day to day basis in a data science role.

Each guided project challenges you to aggregate what you’ve learned in prior missions while minimizing the amount of explicit instruction you’ll receive — simply put, we take the training wheels off so that you have the opportunity to develop problem-solving and research skills.

What kind of support do I receive on projects?

Since these projects are more open-ended than our regular missions, it’s important to recognize that, just like in the real-world, there are an infinite number of ways to finish a Guided Project. Because of this reality, we’re happy to help with any specific questions you have during the course of your project, but we are not resourced to do a full code review (which can take hours, if done well).

Rather, we would highly encourage you to use the support tools that you’d rely on once you’re in the workforce to get feedback on your code: places like Quora and StackOverflow were designed for things like this.

Can I add these projects to my portfolio?


Once you’ve finished, you can download the project to extend your analysis, then upload the finished product to Github to create a portfolio — your portfolio will be key to landing interviews during the job-hunting process, as it gives recruiters a chance to see how you solve problems and communicate your findings.

To learn more about the portfolio-building process and how we can help with that, take a look at our 6-part blog series here.

Where can I find solutions to your Guided Projects?

You can access the solution key for each of our Jupyter-based Guided Projects by clicking on the “key” icon above the notebook:

ⓘ Keep in mind that there are an infinite number of solutions to every Guided Project, just as there would be for any real-world project you’d possibly take on in the future. Our solution is one of many ways to get the output you’re looking for.

Do you have solutions for non-Jupyter based Guided Projects?

Not at the moment, though we plan to in the future. In the interim, there are plenty of alumni-hosted repos on the web that you can refer to — simply type in the name of the project + Dataquest + Github, and that should pop up some relevant repos for you to explore.

More resources

  • If you’d like to see a collection of all of the projects we have to offer (and summaries of each), you should visit our projects page.
  • If you’d like to see a few examples of a completed Guided Project, you can take a look at our solutions repo, here.

Hi Mary,

I have completed all of the courses from Step 1 to Step 4, but I just realized I don’t have any certificate for the course I completed. How do you track if I’ve completed the course or not?

I normally do the coding in my local Jupyter notebook so by the end of the mission, it doesn’t show 100% completed. Do you use this percentage to consider the certificate?

Thank you

Hey @trangnthb10,

Please create a ticket with this issue here and we will help you in marking your progress with the courses. :slight_smile: