What are your studying methods (or how do you remember everything)?

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if the right category since I am going to talk about coding strictly speaking. If it is indeed not, let me apologize in advance and, could a moderator move it to the right section?

DataQuest courses are extremely dense and I was wondering your methods to remember a maximum before you go on your own analysis with rogue datasets (let’s say on Kaggle for example). Do you use notebook and write specifications, do you copy paste on a word document? What is your diet? :smiley:

Personally, I tend to redo the classes once I have finished them. I wait for few days and start doing it to see my degree of independence. If it is good enough, I go on an adventure and make a Kaggle kernel. So far my methods have been infective and I was starting to wonder how I could improve them. Self-studying can be tough so if you have your own tips, that’d be nice to share, even though I know everyone is different.

Best to all of us!

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I curated a list of interesting threads of conversations in our Community that might help you :slight_smile: :


Why do you think your methods have been ineffective?

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I have no clue to be honest. Code is basically like maths so learning “expressions” by heart does not make sense (except for a few formulas). We need to go to the core of concepts to understand it and reproduce it naturally. It is supposed to be logical and I can do really good during the classes but when it comes to analyze data on my own, I feel like I forgot everything.

So I try to practice, when using Kaggle, I look at other notebooks to understand the codes (we usually all want to show the same business problem) and see where my mistakes are but in the end, I do not think it is a right solution as it is easy to copy paste and forget what it was about.