What do these scatter plots tell you?

Hi guys,

I am assuming there is no significant relationship btw the two columns compared.

However, what is the difference between the first and second plot?


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Hey @furkan.demirdoven

Yes there seems to be no significant relationship incurred from these plots.
If you look at the first plot, it tells us that data has a high variance near the 0 points but quickly starts to diminish as Full_time becomes higher. You can notice a sort of a funnel shape (Heteroskedasticity). This means that the data is heavily right-skewed for the Full_time. A relationship can be dug out if manipulations are performed on the data.
The second plot, on the other hand, shows you that the variances are equal at all ranges. Given the arbitrary spread of the data, it can be concluded that either of the two variables don’t influence each other in a linear sense.

I hope this answers your question? If not let me know if I missed something.

Raj Tulluri


Thanks, Raj.

I appreciate it. I remember my econometrics prof talking about Heteroskedasticity once but I almost forgot it.

I hope to dive deeper into those subjects as I move along the career track.