What Do You Do When You Feel Discouraged?

I can sometimes get discouraged rather easily, and I find that if something isn’t explained in a certain way I can have difficulty grasping a concept or an idea, when that happens I can get discouraged and start beating myself up.

What do y’all do when you are feeling like you will never understand your subject matter well enough / at all? Is there anything you do or other resources you utilize to clarify ideas or concepts from your studies when you hit a snag?

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Learning something new can be overwhelming. To overcome learning anxiety, we have to learn how to learn. To learn means to discover something new, and the process isn’t smooth. Review the notes. Reread if you have to. You are reinforcing knowledge. Try to develop problem-solving skills by spending some time with the problem applying what you have learnt and what you can find online. Taking a break from the problem also helps or moving to solving other problems. Stackoverflow, geeksforgeeks and the Python documentation can be quite helpful. If you still can’t figure out the problem, you can share with the DataQuest community.


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Hey Nicole,

I understand what you mean. I strongly believe that using more than one resource to learn is better than using just one. I have often found that my brain resonates to one particular teaching style more than the other and this helps me understand the concept.

Here are some conversations that you may find helpful:

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