What does the row[] mean , on challenging cleaning

For the code per below, my question is whether the row[c] should return a single value in row[c] or return the whole row[c], the whole column. Thank you.

def clean_deaths(row):
    num_deaths =0
    columns = ["Death1" , "Death2" ,"Death3" ,"Death4" , "Death5"]
    for c in columns:
        death =row[c]
        if pd.isnull(death) or death =="NO":
        elif death =="YES":
            num_deaths +=1
    return num_deaths
true_avengers['Deaths'] = true_avengers.apply(clean_deaths, axi

Hi @jasonlovebluesky,

Considering that row is one row of your dataset, which means it contains one value per column already, then row[c] will return only that value for each column.