What is a good way to retain the previous courses?

Hello DQ community,

For me due to various circumstances, there have been gaps between learning different topics in the data analysis course with python. I do understand the topic when doing the missions but I have difficulty remembering materials while doing guided projects. Basically, what I am asking is how can I better retain the materials. I will not have access to the internet or good internet while working. Any tips help. Thank you


Hi @chosum.tashi,

Personally, I find quite helpful repassing the DQ takeaways (those after each mission) before doing guided projects. Then of course taking short notes for every mission (probably, not for every screen) is a very useful technique. Later, when doing a new guided project, I just revise both the takeaways and my own notes and then follow the project steps, which are also usually quite well-guided.


For me I remember things if I do them myself. So when I do the missions I try to look at the text they give as little as possible, and try to only read the big picture of the answer, and figure out the details myself. Then I remember and it’s no problem in the guided projects. Even though they can still take time.

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Hello Elena, thank you for your tips. I do have the takeaways saved and shall take your advice of going over them before the projects. thank you.