What is nano and why hasnt it been introduced?

Screen Link:

The learn section of this screen introduces Jupyter magic functions and talks about how they are used. Then the instructions say to create a python script using nano. I am almost at the end of the Data Science path and I’m pretty sure that nano has not been introduced. Typing in nano I can see that it is a python script editor, BUT I HAVE NEVER USED IT AND DQ HAS NEVER MENTIONED IT. ugh.


Hi @ncarvey,

Yes, I was also quite perplexed at that screen. I don’t know how come it appeared without being introduced anywhere before.

Anyway, as a workaround, use this for the first point of the task, just in DQ environment, without any nano:

echo -e 'import sys\n\nif __name__ == "__main__":\n    print(sys.argv[1])' > script.py

Then all the other points are easy, then the system will let you go.


i can even put all these code in…always go back to the first place to replace the code. any idea?

Hi, @ncarvey!
Yes, DQ does not introduce nano as a text editor, but there is nothing magical in using it. There are a number of text editors for using in CLI, espscially in Linux systems, nano is one of them. It took 5 minutes to google and study the interface (for example it is enough to read editting section in this artict https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-use-nano-text-editor/), but it is much easier writing code in text editor rather than to type it in command line, where the probability to make mistake with tabs and other special characters :crazy_face:

Hi @candiceliu93,

No, it works well, I’ve just checked.

Try the following: press the Restart Terminal Session button, then use the following pieces of code, line by line:

echo -e 'import sys\n\nif __name__ == "__main__":\n    print(sys.argv[1])' > script.py